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At Crossogue Preserves, we bring you a heritage of taste that has been passed down through generations. Our story begins with a deep-rooted love for nature's bounty and a dedication to preserving its flavours in the most luxurious way possible.

Having been born and spent my early years in Kenya, I moved to Ireland to marry a wonderful Irish man and together we run the family farm Crossogue. Now 50 years of marriage later with six children and fourteen grand children, I am still here and have enjoyed the journey it has all taken me on!

Selectively Sourced Ingredients:

We believe in quality over quantity. Only the finest and ripest fruits find their way into our recipes. Our dedication to sourcing the best ingredients ensures that every jar of jam we produce is a symphony of taste and freshness.

We make it here at Crossogue, Co.Tipperary

Not a lot has changed from the early days, all our products are still hand made in small batches in a kitchen on the farm with nothing added to natural ingredients except lots of time and enthusiasm. While we can no longer produce all the ingredients on the farm, we carefully source the best quality ingredients locally and then further afield. The other element that has changed over the years is the wonderful team that has grown around me to meet the growth in demand.

Today Crossogue is not only the base for the preserves; it is also a working Stud farm and offers residential equestrian holidays for small numbers…

When you choose our preserves, you're embracing the legacy of a family that prides itself on offering the finest, most authentic jams.

Our artisanal jam-making process is steeped in tradition and meticulous attention to detail.

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